Why the laws of physics don’t actually exist | New Scientist

“What we often call laws of physics are really just consistent mathematical theories that seem to match some parts of nature. This is as true for Newton’s laws of motion as it is for Einstein’s theories of relativity, Schrödinger’s and Dirac’s equations in quantum physics or even string theory. “

Why the laws of physics don’t actually exist | New Scientist

I’ve read quotes from some scientists that the universe is actually “based on mathematics.” We get lost in complex thought structures like “String Theory” and think it is the true basis of reality.

These are all just models for us to try to make sense of the world. I personally believe that even the concept of matter/things is a model in our minds. We construct these to match our conscious experience. Our minds need structural abstraction to understand and make sense of the world. But we should keep in mind that these are just in our minds.

Science is not “wrong,” but it only describes a limited perspective of the world. When we see it as absolute and declare “philosophy is obsolete,” we go down a blind alley. The world is a greater thing. Going from first principle, our own consciousness is all we know is there for sure.

From the science perspective, Nondualism has been brilliantly argued by Bernardo Kastrup and the many presentations of the Essentia Foundation.

Rupert Spira speaks eloquently for the same ontology based on the spirit Eastern and Christian tradition.

ps First post in years. Have to get back into the groove.


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