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The End of Irony – ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ Marvel’s triumphant finale, would be better without the genocide

‘Avengers: Endgame,’ Marvel’s triumphant finale, would be better without the genocide | Think

Have we lost the ability to understand irony?

”  ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is a machine designed to turn atrocity and genocide into an entertaining game. It’s kind of fun. But it also makes you wonder what it says about us that we want to have fun in this way.”

I have not seen the movie, but master pieces like “Dr. Strangelove” made “fun” of global annihilation. Stanley Kubrick reportedly wanted to make a straight film from the book until he understood the true implications.

It is precisely the insanity of our times – whether calmly accepting genocide on other continents, or massive portions of our population incarcerated on spurious cause (e.g. War on Drugs,) or species annihilation, or the large scale near-term destruction of our habitat through climate change, or a President blatant in his crooked lying – that offers no alternate depiction. Any movie showing this in its true fashion would be considered ridiculous in the recent past or naive now. The true horror can only be reflected with irony and satire.

But in a politically correct simplistic mind set doing that is not acceptable any more. The rest is silence.

So it goes.

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Simulation Conundrum II :: Revert?


“Very good lunch. Those algebraic expressions as garnish on the main Hilbert space were delicious!”

He waved his hand and looked back into the scape appearing. “It is all very disappointing. For the last aeons nothing even came close.”

She peered over his shoulder. “Those amorphous electrical clouds were cute.”

“But they had no way to evolve. Their tittering conversations made pretty lights, but it never got to a meta stage – the nature of being, that sort of thing.”

“Well, they seemed to demonstrate qualia.”

“In any case, they could not survive their sun’s big solar event when their planet’s poles decided to flip. No magnetosphere and poof!”

“We could roll back the simulation to an earlier snapshot.”

“You are willing to do that to their whole universe? Think of all the other things evolving. All that life that never was!”

“None of it will know the difference. It is after all just a simulation.”

“Do the simulated dream of models?”

“We just have to pick the right rev to maximize success.”


Simulation Conundrum I :: It Passed So Quickly

“Odd,” he said.
“Odd?” She said.
“I think I am seeing something in the simulation!”
“Really, show me!”
“Oh, it passed. Interesting culture. Got all the way to meta communications. And there were several memes focused on empathy. But they degraded.”
“The planet will recover. Let’s do lunch!”