NYTimes: The Oppression of the Supermajority


The New York Times: The Oppression of the Supermajority

“The defining political fact of our time is not polarization. It’s the thwarting of a largely unified public.”

There is a real problem with our framing, the way thoughts are presented to the public by all sides of the media. It about left vs right, Socialism vs Capitalism, Democratic vs Republican.

In reality, the vast majority of this country are united about a number of things:

“About 75 percent of Americans favor higher taxes for the ultrawealthy. The idea of a federal law that would guarantee paid maternity leave attracts 67 percent support. Eighty-three percent favor strong net neutrality rules for broadband, and more than 60 percent want stronger privacy laws. Seventy-one percent think we should be able to buy drugs imported from Canada, and 92 percent want Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices.”

I have also seen strong evidence the vast majority is for Medicare for all, Social Security, and effective measures to deal with Climate Change. They are against corruption by the elites and frustrated over the preferential treatment of large corporations.
Candidates would do well to move past the labels of being socialist and address the issues directly.


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